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10 Days / 10 Nights Total Checkup SPA Package


We know that it has not been easy, that you require a break, that's why we have created a special promotion for you.


10 Days/10 Nights Total Checkup package

Objective: Carry out diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of body, mind and emotions.

Aimed at people who lack an accurate diagnosis, and therefore suffer from chronic or acute conditions without finding the way of treatment and recovery of their health.




  • 10 days / 10 nights lodging.
  • Vegetarian food.
  • Routine with a naturopathic regimen.
  • 1 Deep Facial Cleansing.
  • Colon hydrotherapy.
  • Herbalism.
  • Heliotherapy.
  • Geotherapy.
  • 1 Bioenergetic SCIO diagnosis at a distance (it is required to provide name (s) and surnames of birth-baptism, date of birth, city, state, country, as well as your current address).
  • 1 SCIO Bioenergetic Therapy face-to-face.
  • 1 Bioenergetic Pair Therapy.
  • 1 Medical consultation with Iris Diagnosis.
  • Laboratory analysis (hematic biometry, blood chemistry, general urine, serial coproparasitoscopic of 3 samples).
  • 1 Kit of implements.
 paquete SPA total checkup




10 Days Spa Package in Mexico - Total Checkup



  • The package includes only the exams described in this advertisement. If the doctor suggests any other additional diagnostic test, it must be covered by the patient.
  • Advance reservation is required (at least 5 days before your arrival).
  • Deposit of 50% of the cost of your package.
  • We will start with the Bioenergetic Scio diagnosis at a distance (before your arrival), for which it is important that you provide us with: first name (s) surname (s) (not marriage); date of birth; birth hour; city, state and country of birth; current address where it resides.
  • Validity of prices: May and June 2021.


Total Checkup Services Program

Before you arrive

Remote SCIO Bioenergetic Diagnosis before your arrival.

The SCIO software requires true and exact information, so in order to generate a diagnosis with reliable results for you, it is important to provide us with: name (s), surname (s), baptism or birth (not marriage); date of birth, city, state and country of birth as well as current address where he resides. This information must be provided the same day that I made your reservation.

Day 1

Medical Consultation with Iris Diagnosis and integration of SCIO diagnosis to complement subtreatments.

Upon arrival (Monday to Saturday morning), you will receive your medical consultation with Iris Diagnosis (the doctor will already have your SCIO diagnosis printed, to integrate with the iris diagnosis) and grant a more complete treatment. You will receive your kit of personal implements to carry out your treatment (1 natural bristle brush, 3 pulman towels for hydrotherapy, 3 probes for enema, 1 tray for steam bath, 1 tub for sitz bath, 4 plastic bottles (1 sample of urine and 3 for stool sample), schedule guide for naturopathic therapies, etc.


Day 2

Conducting laboratory tests.

Therefore, it is important that you remain in a total fast, until the chemistry passes to your room (between 8 and 9 am) to do the blood draw. You should keep the first urine of the morning in a bottle, and a small sample of stool in another bottle; later another 2 samples at different time or until the next day. You can receive your morning rub, walk on the grass, steam bath (but do not have tea on an empty stomach, or flaxseed; if not until after the blood sample is taken).


Days 3



Days 4 and 5

Delivery of results of laboratory tests and medical advice.

Every day in the morning the doctors will have a medical visit between 8 and 9 am; For this reason, it is important to inform him of any discomfort that has happened to him to inform in the medical consultation. Between the third and fourth day, your lab results will be ready (a copy will be added to your medical record and the original results will be given to you). It is important that you ask the consultation control department for advice with the doctor who received you upon arrival to determine your diagnosis and follow up on the most appropriate therapy (s) for you; or even prescription for allopathic treatment if required.

Day 6 and 7

Face-to-face SCIO therapy.

Based on SCIO diagnosis, laboratory results and medical diagnosis). 1 bottle of energetically charged water (ionized) will be delivered with all the therapies granted. A printed report of your SCIO therapy will be delivered, with tips and positive affirmations for your health balance.


Day 8

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

For revitalization of organs, glands, elimination of reservoirs (pathogens), detection and elimination of trapped disharmonious emotions.

Days 9 and 10

Last days to contract additional services that you wish to receive.



People with pacemakers, or who have received electroshock therapies (they are not candidates for this package) should opt for the basic stay of 7 days and consult with the doctor which therapies are beneficial for their state. In the case of pregnant women, it can be granted (after the first 4 months of pregnancy).


 Stay Policies

  • There will be no change in the therapies that make up the package (if you choose not to receive a therapy or service, it is your personal decision) for which there is no refund. You must pay the cost of the package in full, the first day you enter.
  • In case of inability to fend for yourself (older adults, degenerative or chronic disease) and you are unable to walk, attend therapy, dining, etc. You must bring a family member to support and accompany you to carry out your therapies, for which you will have a rate as a companion with food and lodging.
  • In case of voluntary withdrawal (before concluding your stay and package) there will be no refund, a voucher will be given for the stay of the remaining days and the therapies not taken, which may be valid by a relative or acquaintance (previously endorsed by you) and must Present the voucher in physical form to make it effective, in case of loss or loss of the voucher (there will be no refund).



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